PORTLAND. Ore. (KOIN) — A local business owner is breathing a sigh of relief tonight after he says his stolen RV was recovered.

The Starday Tavern in Southeast Portland was stolen Thursday and the owner, Justin Amrine, said he’s frustrated to be the latest victim of crime in Portland.

Amrine said someone took it Thursday afternoon from right outside his home, in broad daylight.

He owns Starday Tavern and uses it for work.

“Parked on the street, locked up, in broad daylight while the owner is inside their house, that is, disheartening,” Amrine said. “I think the last few years there’s been a feeling of looking over your shoulder all the time, just a free-for-all, I don’t want to say the wild west, but it kinda is.”

Amrine told KOIN 6 that one of his friends spotted the colorful RV today and he was able to get it back this afternoon. He shared that the vehicle was damaged though and filled with trash.

Amrine credits the tight-knit neighborhood and spirit of the community here for getting his RV back so quickly.