PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — After Target announced last week that three Portland area stores will be closing, on Monday they informed the state of the total number of employees that are being laid off due to the closures.

The three locations, Portland Galleria on Morrison Street, Powell Boulevard and the Hollywood District store on Halsey Street, are being closed due to theft and safety concerns at the stores.

On Monday, the national store chain told the state that up to 158 total employees are being laid off due to the closures, none of whom are represented by a union.

According to a letter from Target, employees have been offered the chance to transfer stores or receive separation pay and they said they anticipate that any involuntary layoffs will be lower.

62 employees will be laid off from the Portland Galleria store, 56 from the Hollywood Store and 40 from the Powell store.

The closures in Portland aren’t the only ones however, the company also shared last week that stores in Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, and New York City will also be closing their doors.