PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — KOIN 6 News brought together lawmakers, non-profit leaders and experts for an hour-long town hall discussion on Portland’s humanitarian emergency.

The panelists discussed the issues surrounding homelessness and dynamic solutions to the growing crisis.

Are you looking to help volunteer? Learn more about Portland area homeless outreach organizations and cleanup efforts. Are you facing homelessness or housing instability? Learn what resources are available to you now. Facing issues with an illegal camp nearby? Learn about what agencies and organizations you can reach out to for help.

Watch Part One of the town hall below:

Watch Part Two of the town hall below:

Watch Part Three of the town hall below

“The Unsheltered Truth: Searching for Solutions” aired Wednesday, Sept. 21 on KOIN 6 with Jeff Gianola as the host.

Watch the videos above for the full special.