PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — For many years, Portland has been a hotspot for the food scene. Whether you want traditional fare, or something a little more experimental, Portland runs the gamut when it comes to restaurants.

According to a new list by Yelp, three Portland restaurants rank amongst the top 100 in the country; unfortunately, one of them will be closing its doors soon.

The list ranks Malka, a Southeast Portland fusion restaurant as the 29th best in the country. The restaurant takes inspiration from Southeast Asian, South American, and Jewish cuisine.

Sadly, Malka announced they would be closing on Feb. 26 due to the financial strain that started with the pandemic. Reservations up to that date are being honored so now is your last chance to try it.

Coming in at No. 54 is the local BBQ joint Botto’s BBQ. Smoked using Oregon white oak wood, Southeast Portland’s Botto’s Texas-style BBQ started out as a cart and became a brick-and-mortar shop serving up delicious, mouth-watering meats.

According to Yelp, customers love the pork belly burnt ends, brisket pastrami and beef ribs.

Lastly, coming in at No. 98 on Yelp’s list was Northeast Portland’s homemade pasta parlor Gumba.

Gumba also began as a food cart and made the shift to being a brick-and-mortar restaurant in 2020.

Yelp users raved about Gumba’s burrata with fry bread and the pappardelle with braised beef, toasted chilies, olives, tomato, and pecorino cheese.