PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – After centuries – or possibly even millennia – spent hiding in the woods, Bigfoot is now revealing himself as a new mascot for the Portland Trail Blazers. 

The team announced Tuesday that the new Bigfoot mascot goes by the name Douglas Fur and he will be joining the current mascot, Blaze the Trail Cat, at games. 

“Keeping himself hidden, Douglas has been living amongst the vast acres of Douglas fir trees in Forest Park and navigating over 80 miles of hiking trails, while naturally blending in with other un-shaven local hikers and explorers camouflaged in true hipster outdoor attire,” the Portland Trail Blazers wrote in a press release. 

The team says Douglas Fur is the long-lost relative of the Trail Blazers’ 1980s Bigfoot mascot. 

While that 1980s mascot was an extrovert, the team says Douglas Fur is more of an introvert and has been too shy to make himself known in recent decades. Instead, he’s spent his days playing solitaire, eating his favorite vegan dishes and drinking cold brew. 

“While distracted gathering sap for his latest craft brew creation, Douglas was discovered by Blaze the Trail Cat. Blaze instantly befriended the timid big foot, nicknaming him ‘Douggy’, and showed him how fun basketball can be,” the Trail Blazers communications department said. 

Douglas Fur will not be replacing Blaze the Trail Cat. Instead, the two will work as a team and will take on the Moda Center together as they cheer on the Portland Trail Blazers. 

The team said Douglas Fur will soon be available for future public viewings in Rip City. Until then, fans can enjoy the life-sized wooden carving of him on the 300 level in the Moda Center’s Kid City. He’ll also be featured on limited-edition BIKETOWN bikes around Portland.