PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — TriMet and Bridge Housing held an open house in NE Portland on Wednesday to share incoming changes to the Hollywood Transit Center and the development of the hollywoodHUB — which plans to open more than 200 affordable housing units by 2026.

With the latest renderings on display, the event offered a chance for neighbors to learn about the project, ask questions and raise concerns.

“It’s going to be very, very disruptive for all of us who live in the neighborhood for the next three years,” said Holly, who lives in the area. “We think that adding an additional (400 to 500) people into the neighborhood is going to make it very difficult for traffic and for safety. We’re concerned about how much crime is already here. There are lots of vulnerable people who live in the neighborhood, and there’s a lot of drug dealing going on already.”

Walker, who also lives in the area, offered a different perspective.

“It’s definitely a necessity. It could help out,” he said.

TriMet says the project will not only connect busses, bikes, and MAX trains, but also modernize the transit hub, moving bus stops to NE Halsey St. and adding weather protection, a transit tracker, a new ramp, a walkway and stairs.

The mixed-use development also includes a memorial honoring the victims of the 2017 MAX stabbing, as well as the building by Bridge Housing, which has 222 affordable housing units.

“With all the homelessness going on in Portland, that will help some people get living, an apartment, get back on their feet and stuff,” Walker said.

The project update comes one day after alarms were raised regarding safety in the Hollywood District, as Target announced plans on Tuesday to close nine stores, including Portland’s Hollywood location, due to organized crime and safety concerns.

With that store just across the street from the project site, TriMet said that they are “working very closely with Bridge Housing, and we’re optimistic that the affordable housing development will help bring more vitality to the Hollywood neighborhood, which will in turn improve safety and livability.”

Bridge Housing declined to comment on the matter.