PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The derelict property owned by La Mota Cannabis Company that was causing so much distress for the surrounding Hazelwood neighborhood and draining emergency resources was demolished on Wednesday.

It’s a moment that neighbors have been waiting on for years.

“When you use love, hope follows — and we’re just very grateful that good change is happening,” said Jacob Adams, who lives next door.

“It’s been a long road so I’m glad we’re at this point,” added Beth Adams, Jacob’s wife.

Beth and Jacob Adams have endured many sleepless nights and terrifying days living next door to the squatter house. The abandoned property was attracting crime to the surrounding neighborhood on Portland’s east side. But they weren’t the only ones having to deal with the chronic stress over the last few years.

“The fires, the constant police presence, that kind of thing for the last three years. It’s been tough,” said Kevin Gillette, who lives across the street.

Neighbors reached out to KOIN 6 News for help in February. KOIN 6 got a hold of the property owners, Aaron Mithcell and Rosa Cazares of La Mota Cannabis about the problems.

After so much happened within these four walls, the property owners and neighbors came to watch the house get torn down on Wednesday.

“I didn’t even anticipate the response we got from city council. It sort of blew up with everything else that we didn’t anticipate,” said Beth.

With the neglected house finally razed, neighbors say they’ll sleep better at night and be at peace when leaving their homes.

Though this was a trying time, the neighbors are choosing to look on the bright side.

“The silver lining is how we’ve gotten to know each other. I think our neighborhood is stronger now, I really do,” Gillette said.

“We’ve had some really positive things happen out of this sad and tragic situation,” added Beth.

The property owners say they learned a hard lesson and that they’ll be putting people’s calls of concern as their top priority moving forward.