PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Portland Pickles baseball team is flaunting its new umbrella after an unknown man allegedly lost the item during a failed heist at the “Pickle Jar” team shop on Taylor Street in Downtown on March 20.

Portland Pickles Director Colleen Schroht told KOIN 6 News that security cameras captured the man wedging an umbrella with a string tied to it through the business’ mail slot at 3:39 a.m., in an attempt to hook a nearby rack of Pickles merchandise with the umbrella’s handle. However, the suspected burglary attempt ends when the man drops the umbrella on the other side of the door and is unable to retrieve it.

“You mess with the jar, you lose the umbrella, bucko,” the Portland Pickles wrote on social media.

Schroht said that had the man been able to hook the clothing rack, they could have pulled more than $1,000 worth of Pickles merchandise through the mail slot.

“We’re very glad the umbrella foiled their plans,” Schroht said.

The umbrella was found near the store’s entrance. “Not related: if you’re missing this contraption let us know,” the Pickles wrote on social media. (Portland Pickles)

The team posted the security footage to its Twitter page on Monday, joking about the suspected burglary attempt and dubbing the footage with the “Benny Hill Show” theme “Yakety Sax.”

“The culprit is clearly from out of town because anyone from Portland would never use an umbrella in a million years,” the team joked.

Employees recently moved items farther away from the door after two hats were stolen through the same mail slot on March 18. The team said that it has filed police reports in response to both incidents.

“We have been moving merchandise out of arm’s reach,” Schroht said. “But little did we know we’d be fighting an umbrella.”