PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A new video obtained by KOIN 6 shows the moment police escorted off-duty Alaska Airlines pilot Joseph Emerson off a plane Sunday night after landing at PDX.

Emerson is accused of attempting to shut off a plane’s engines mid-flight on Sunday with 80 passengers on board. He currently faces 167 charges related to the incident – including 83 counts of aggravated attempted murder. 

He appeared in federal court Thursday afternoon after pleading not guilty to the charges on Tuesday.

Records show that flight control made following announcement as the plane landed:

“Horizon is making an emergency landing, ETA four minutes. The jumpseat pilot, who is the extra pilot they give a ride, tried to shut down the engines. They’re emergency landing. Four minutes out.”

Watch the video above to see footage of the moment Emerson was escorted off the plane.