PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — There are many sights and sounds throughout summer in the Rose City, and one organization in Portland is adding colorful pianos to the mix.

Piano. Push. Play. takes old pianos set to be thrown away and revamps them into works of art with the help of local artists. This year, there are 10 pianos scattered throughout the city for people to play on.

You can find them in places such as parks and businesses in July and August.

“Spark magic in the summer and make it easier for musicians to share their talents – their gifts – and for all of us to find ways of viewing each other differently,” said Megan McGeorge, the founder and creator of Piano. Push. Play. “I like to say they’re community-making machines.”

The organization is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

McGeorge remembers seeing cellists playing outside in a public street, which then sparked her idea to take pianos, push them out in the street and then have the public play on them for free.

A decade later, McGeorge now has a team of volunteers caring and tuning pianos while giving a sizable stipend to artists for their talents.

When asked what her favorite part of the project is, McGeorge replied, “It’s people interacting or clapping for somebody they don’t even know because they just finished a song. … I see a lot of people who are getting some serious therapeutic moments out of being able to express themselves in this way.”

Where are the pianos located?

The pianos are moved every two weeks and later donated to schools and community centers at the end of August. You can click here to find a map of where the instruments are located.