PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Two snow storms in two weeks has some people frustrated with their trash service, or lack thereof.

Trash and recycling waiting to be picked up in Portland, December 20, 2016 (KOIN)

The weather has meant some service delays, and in some cases the trash, recycling and yard debris are piling up.

Some customers told KOIN 6 News they’ve had delay after delay and they just want their trash or recycling picked up. Unfortunately, that will take some time depending on where you live and your typical pickup day.

Waste Management, the largest of the 15 haulers in the City of Portland, says it’s their first priority to pick up actual trash. That’s because Portland has the unique situation of only collecting trash every other week.

The Russell Neighborhood in outer NE Portland is one area where customers say they haven’t had trash collection in about 2 weeks. Some are losing their patience.

“I’m frustrated and I think everybody who’s dealing with this is frustrated,” said Mary Nelson, who lives near NE 141st in Portland. “I’m just afraid we’ll have another snow storm and this stuff will be sitting here for another who knows how long.”

She’s one of the lucky ones who have had their actual trash picked up. But she’s still waiting for recycling pick-up. Her yard debris and food waste is also piling up.

Waste Management expects to be caught up this week

“I wish we could control the weather. We can’t,” said Waste Management spokesperson Jackie Lang. “What we can do is operate with a recovery plan that minimizes disruption for our customers.”

“All trucks, all drivers have been out on the road and we expect to be fully caught up with garbage by the end of today (Tuesday) in the greater Portland area, which includes Washington County,” Lang said.

They also hope to be caught up with the garbage in Clackamas County later this week.

“For customers who have recycling or yard waste or food waste still waiting for collection, keep it in the cart and bring it out on your regular service day,” Lang said. “If you have more than usual we’ll take double that amount at no extra cost on your next regular service day.”