PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — After Sunday’s wild weather, our crews didn’t see much damage besides some branches and debris on the road — but 1 pumpkin patch wasn’t so lucky.

Jim Kessinger, the owner of the Plumper Pumpkin Patch, was watching the high winds from his window and was brave enough to step outside.

“The rain stopped and it got quiet and the wind came in, just past the barn here — I could see clouds kind of swirling and swarming around,” he said. “There was a rotation to them. I’m from Kansas and I’ve seen a lot of tornadoes, so that rotation gets my attention.”

The owners will have to make some repairs after the weather action. Their sheds were battered and picnic tables were toppled over, and the pumpkin patch itself experienced some property damage. The owners said their solar panels and corn maze got torn up, as well.

No one was injured but Kessinger is disappointed his biggest attraction was harmed just before his busiest season.

“What can I do? I just got to go with it and make the best of it,” he said. “I feel pretty lucky that I didn’t have anything worse.”

Fortunately, his home was unscathed and all his farm animals remained unharmed.

After this “Wizard of Oz” weather — Kessinger said he can’t believe he isn’t in Kansas anymore.

The first tornado warning was issued for Multnomah County after the first funnel cloud was reported over Rock Creek Sunday night.

While the pumpkin patch is on the outskirts of the reported parameters, the folks at the pumpkin patch believe it was a tornado that blew through their property.

NSW said there have been only 10 recorded tornadoes that occurred in September around the northwest since 1997.

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