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‘Pretty crazy’: 9 pregnant nurses at Salem Hospital

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SALEM, Ore. (KOIN) — Maybe you heard about the six nurses in a North Carolina hospital that are all simultaneously pregnant. Well, there are 9 nurses in Salem who have also been expecting a little bundle of joy.

Tammie Gregor, Hilary Keck and Amber Rouleau are 3 of the 9 co-working nurses in the Neurotrauma Care Unit at Salem Hospital who are or were recently pregnant. And they all say it’s been fun to go through this together.

“We didn’t plan it,” Gregor told KOIN 6 News. “One day we heard that management had, like, a list of 5 or 6 nurses that were pregnant, and we each couldn’t believe it. But nobody knew they were because we weren’t telling anybody at first when we were newly pregnant.”

Eight of the nurses are due between September and January. One of the babies was born June 21.

A newborn yawns as her mom holds her. Nine nurses in the Neurotrauma Care Unit at Salem Hospital were simultaneously pregnant, August 9, 2018 (KOIN)

Keck, who is expecting her first child, said going through it with her co-workers is “actually really nice. Everyone is really, really understanding. We all kind of look out for each other. We take each day, like, one day at a time.”

Rouleau, who is also expecting her first child — a girl — said it’s “really surprising” there were 9 nurses simultaneously pregnant.

“Everyone has different things going on. None of us consulted each other for when this was happening,” Rouleau said. “But I think if we get to number 10 that would be pretty crazy.”

In fact, if you count one of the nursing assistants, there are 10.

Rouleau also said there’s 4 due in the same week, so they compare notes and “get tips from the ones who have done it before.”

They’re “all going to end up taking maternity leave during the holiday months,” Keck said, which created some scheduling challenges.

Sheila Loomas, the Interim Nurse Manager for the Neurotauma Care Unit, said they found out about the pregnancies in January. 

“The previous manager had already started planning,” Loomas said. “She was aware of maternity leaves that were coming up, and so she had already kind of put a plan in place of knowing who was pregnant and what their due date was.”

Tammie Gregor, who is due September 22, said she’s looking forward to hanging out with her co-workers when they’re all moms.

“The pregnancies were all planned. We just somehow planned them all at the same time,” she said, laughing.

Loomas said she sees the pregnant nurses walking down the hall holding their bellies. “It’s been really fun. It’s been exciting and I think it’s been a great team builder for them, too.”

These are 8 of the 9 nurses at Salem Hospital who are or were expecting babies at the same time, including one who already delivered. August 9, 2018 (KOIN)

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