PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Three people previously arrested during Portland protests now face federal charges for various offenses, the US Attorney’s Office for Oregon announced Thursday.

Hugo Ryan Berteau-Pavy and Eva Warner are each facing felony charges for allegedly shining a laser in the eyes of officers, while Kristopher Michael Donnelly is accused of assaulting a police officer.

  • Berteau-Pavy is accused of using the laser during protests that began late on June 13 at the Justice Center and continued with a march to Mayor Wheeler’s residence in the Pearl District. The 26-year-old Portland resident was arrested by the FBI on September 2.
  • Warner, also known as Joshua Warner, allegedly used the laser during a riot August 8 in North Portland. The 25-year-old from Beaverton was arrested that night, released and re-arrested September 2 by US Marshals.
  • Donnelly, a 26-year-old resident of Kelso, allegedly assaulted a local police officer during East Portland riots on August 5, 8 and 30, 2020.

Court documents alleged he used a hammer to break a window at PPB’s East Precinct on August 5 and struck an officer in the face with his elbow as he resisted arrest.

Three days later he was arrested again for blocking the street and throwing hard objects along with resisting arrest.

He was arrested for a third time on August 30, then transferred to federal authorities on September 2.

Berteau-Pavy, Warner and Donnelly each faces a maximum of 5 years in a federal prison.