PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Protests continued in Portland on Friday for the 29th consecutive day.

Organizers with the Abolish ICE movement marched through Southwest Portland in the afternoon. The protest was organized by “The People vs. ICE PDX,” a POC-led coalition that advocated for the abolishment of ICE, according to the organization’s Instagram account. Demonstrators were called upon to organize at Fields Park and from there they marched to the US Immigration Court House on SW 3rd Avenue.

By the time the march reached Terry Schrunk Plaza, across the street from the US Immigration Court House, hundreds of people were participating. Speakers told protesters about how people were being treated at the US-Mexico border and in ICE detainment.

“We are calling for there to be an end to the oppression of people of color,” said organizer Sol Maza.

Andrea Cid, with The People vs. ICE PDX, said they were inspired by previous occupy ICE protests and marches in Portland

“We followed their steps, we met at Poet’s Beach, we marched to the ICE detention center,” said Cid.

The three organizers said the Black Lives Matter movement also inspired them to coordinate their efforts.

“I drew inspiration from the Black Lives Matter movement and owe them a debt of gratitude because without that initiative there would be no conversation surrounding redefining the prison industrial complex,” said Maza.

“What’s happening on the border isn’t just a Latinx issue, it’s a BLM issue as well,” said Cid. “Police brutality on any front needs to be ended immediately.”

The Abolish ICE demonstration concluded shortly before 8:30 p.m.