PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Four people were arrested during a protest near the building that houses PPB specialty units and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Friday night, but no injuries were reported.

The group met at Laurelhurst Park at 8 p.m. before marching to the Penumbra Kelly Building. Officers warned the group that they didn’t have a permit to march in the streets so they would need to stay on sidewalks and obey traffic lights and signs.

The tweet continued, “If you march in the street, you are subject to arrest. The Penumbra Kelly Building property is closed. If you enter or remain on the property you are subject to arrest for trespassing or use of force.”

Many in the crowd of about 100 “wore gear suggesting they intended to engage in physical confrontations with police, including helmets, gas masks, shields, and body armor” and chanted about burning the building down, officials said.

They moved back to the streets and stayed for several hours.

Around midnight, police said a motorcycle officer was on the scene of a traffic issue when protesters “swarmed the traffic officer” and “began throwing unknown objects” at him. As he tried to slowly move away from the crowd, a woman jumped on the front of the motorcycle and was pushed aside, police said.

An ambulance was called but she declined medical attention. One person in the “hostile crowd” was arrested at this time.

About an hour later, police said, that woman returned to the Penumbra Kelly Building and was arrested, as was another person who interfered, authorities said.

On Saturday, that woman was identified as 22-year-old Tealeanna Lindseth. She faces multiple charges, including riot, interfering with a peace officer, and disorderly conduct. Police said her initial booking was delayed because the tires on the officer’s vehicle had been slashed in the parking lot of the hospital. Police are investigating that vandalism as well.

The others arrested are 20-year-old Joel Hanson of Gresham, 26-year-old Dominic Williams of Portland and 27-year-old Alexander Sundine of Vancouver. All were charged with interfering with a police officer. Hanson and Williams also face charges of attempted assault of a police officer and disorderly conduct, and Hanson is also facing harassment.

Portland saw protests against racism and police brutality for 100 consecutive days over the summer, with more intermittent activity since historic wildfire swept the state beginning Labor Day.

The protests began with the Black Lives Matter movement, coinciding other similar demonstrations across the country, after the Minneapolis in-custody death of George Floyd. However recent protests have not always been labeled with the BLM slogan, including the one on Friday night.

Some Black community leaders like Portland NAACP President E.D. Mondainé have made calls over the summer to refocus the effort and put BLM and legitimate calls for justice and reform center stage. Portland State University Black Studies Professor Shirley A. Jackson has also expressed the need to differentiate between BLM protests and the antifascist movement, although the two groups have often overlapped during demonstrations.

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The protests have often ended up with clashes between demonstrators and police, arrests and riots. The high frequency of protest activities, and subsequent federal response over the summer, helped put Portland in the national spotlight and as a focal point during Tuesday’s presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic contender Joe Biden.