PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Another large crowd of protesters gathered and clashed with federal officers in downtown Portland Sunday night, with the focal flash point the fence surrounding the Hatfield Courthouse.

For the second time, members of the media were allowed behind the fence on Monday to witness a scene that Assistant US Attorney for Oregon Scott Asphaug described as “Groundhog Day — every morning is the same.”

Federal officers announced an unlawful assembly before 12:30 a.m. Demonstrators remained in the area, chanting “Feds go home” in response.

KOIN 6 News witnessed federal officers detain at least two people around 1:30 a.m. in the middle of the street in front of the federal courthouse. Officers pushed the crowd back as far as 5th Avenue using tear gas, flash bangs, and pepper balls. KOIN 6 News also witnessed officers appearing to mace someone who was on a motorcycle.

Asphaug said the protests continue to get more aggressive in the middle of the night, leading to trash, debris and fireworks being thrown toward the federal courthouse. And he admits the presence of federal law enforcement has fueled the flames.

“There is no doubt that the rallying cry – because federal officers have come into the building — that this building is now a target, so it’s a proxy for antigovernmental protesters who simply believe they shouldn’t be here,” he said.

But he added as long as the federal building and fence comes under attack from protesters, the feds are here to stay.

“My answer to that is, if it’s your house under attack are you going to pull back and just let somebody have it?” he asked rhetorically. “The federal officers who are here are required to be here. They’re not going to leave. So what we need in my opinion is a community engagement that says let’s all agree that we’re going to leave this building alone, let us clean this building.” ​

It’s not about the spray paint, he said. It’s about moving toward having important, uncomfortable cultural conversations among Whites, Blacks and people of color.

“Let’s have that conversation,” Asphaug said.

Federal arrests announced

Of the 22 arrests made between July 23-27 and announced by the US Attorney of Oregon’s office on Monday, 16 are for assaulting federal officers. Four are charged with failing to obey an order, one with operating a drone and one for harassing and stalking.

Assaulting federal officers

  • Carly Anne Ballard, 34
  • David Michael Bouchard, 36
  • Rebecca Gonzales-Mota, 37
  • Stephen O’Donnell, 65
  • Thomas Johnson, 33
  • Nathan Oderdonk-Snow, 21
  • Joshua Webb, 22
  • Pablo Avvacato, 26
  • Doug Dean, 34
  • Michael Stephenson, 23
  • Caleb Willis, 29
  • Noelle Mandolfo, 30
  • Travis Williams, 27
  • Patrick Stanford, age unknown
  • Coree Jefree, age unknown
  • Tyler Gabriel, 22

Failing to obey lawful order

  • Josslynn Kreutz, 28
  • Dakota Eastman, 30
  • Ezra Meyers, 18
  • Mark Rolycanov, 28

Operating a drone in restricted space

  • Richard Lindstet, 33

Harassing and stalking federal employees

  • Ronald Bernard Hickey, 44, a Canadian National. Hickey used his Twitter account, @TawasiSoce, to knowingly release personal information in an attempt to threaten, intimidate, or incite violence against them.