PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Saturday night marked another night of protests across the City of Portland. Around midnight, police declared a riot outside the Penumbra Kelly Building in Southeast Portland—14 people were arrested. On Sunday, neighbors in the area said these nightly protests are starting to take a toll.

People who spoke with KOIN 6 News said they support the protests, but said the nightly violence has to stop. Around 9 p.m. Saturday, more than 200 people started marching from Normandale Park, north of Interstate-85. Portland police blocked the group from crossing the highway overpass and said people threw rocks, eggs, and glass bottles.

Later in the night, protesters arrived at the Penumbra Kelly Building on E Burnside and 47th Ave. At one point, someone rolled a mock guillotine onto the street. Paint balls and eggs were thrown. Around midnight, police declared a riot.

Overnight, people lit traffic barricades on fire in the intersection of 47th and Stark. People who live nearby said they’re in favor of the protests, but they are taking a toll on the neighborhood.

‘The protests themselves are terrific, I don’t see a problem with the protests. It’s the violent part, the looting and the firebombing—all the crap that goes on that doesn’t help anybody in the protest,” said resident Dan Hickman.

“I feel, from the protest side, I feel safe,” said Joseph Shaka. “It does escalate on occasion and I have children in the house, so when I hear the LRAD saying they’re going to use tear gas and munitions, that worries me a little bit.”

“I never know what’s going to happen,” said Mary Flower. “I do not support the violence. Seventy days of this seems excessive, but they are looking to defund the police, I think, and until that happens, they’re going to keep going.”

Portland police said roughly 50 officers had to be pulled from precincts to assist in the protest response, which meant they couldn’t respond to other calls for help. Police said this caused a backlog of nearly 140 calls for service that included shots fired, assaults, threats, and suspicious circumstances.

Another march is expected to happen Sunday night as the city nears three straight months of demonstrations.