PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The riot outside the ICE facility on SW Macadam Wednesday night is just the latest in a series of clashes outside city, county and federal facilities during the 83 consecutive nights of protests in Portland.

On May 29 — the first night of the protests (and the first declared riot during this stretch) — demonstrators targeted the Justice Center and other downtown venues including Chase Bank and Pioneer Square Mall.

Over time the Hatfield Federal Courthouse was targeted, which brought a heavy-handed federal response. Other frequent targets included the Portland Police Association building, the Penumbra Kelly Building and PPB North Precinct.

Then on Tuesday, the Multnomah County Building on SE Hawthorne, which is, as Chair Deborah Kafoury said, “the place where people get married, come to get their passports, and come to celebrate their cultural traditions,” was vandalized during another riot.

According to Portland police, there have been 17 declared riots during these 83 nights of protest.

The ICE facility is a federal detention facility that has been a flashpoint over the past few years. The Occupy ICE movement tried to shut it down 2 years ago during earlier Trump Adminstration efforts to crack down on immigration.

Federal officers are back in the streets battling protesters.

There are also reports of planned clashes at different parts of the city this weekend.

KOIN 6 News will continue to follow this story.