PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Once again the Portland City Council is planning to vote on the city’s budget for the 2020-21 fiscal year — one week after failing to get approval for the overall plan.

Last Thursday, the proposed budget for the City of Portland was not approved Thursday when Commissioner Chloe Eudaly voted no about an hour after the City Council unanimously voted to defund the Gun Violence Reduction Team and school resource officers.

Mayor Ted Wheeler also voted no in a procedural vote to bring the budget back for a revote this week.

Portland City Council does not approve overall budget

Earlier Tuesday, President Trump promised federal funds for programs like some of what the Portland City Council is planning to approve in changes to PPB funding.

One of the programs is called Portland Street Response. Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty is the leader behind this plan to add more mental health and EMT teams on the street for 911 calls not needing an armed officer. It’s a pilot program with 4 teams of 2 people.

The mayor’s office said they are looking at Trump’s executive order and how it applies to the city.

Another part of ti would be to establish a national database to track officers with excessive use of force complaints.

Daryl Turner, the president of the Portland Police Association, said this goes on already but he’s not opposed.

“This is just another check and balance,” Turner said. “If it’s an accountability measure that the people in the communities want and feel necessary, it doesn’t hurt to have an overlap to do that.”

The PPB budget — about $245 million — is part of the whole city budget of $5.6 billion.

Eudaly said she voted no last week because she wants more more taken out of the police bureau.