PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — On the 46th consecutive night of protests in Portland, multiple arrests were made and police declared a riot outside the Portland Police Association Headquarters.

The riot was declared in North Portland in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Earlier, demonstrators had gathered in Kenton Park on North Brandon Avenue and then marched to the Portland Police Association Headquarters. Officers reported making arrests after protesters were blocking Northeast Lombard Street and other roads surrounding the building, refusing to leave the street after police attempted to clear the crowds.

Some protesters chanted “Black Lives Matter” in the street. There were more than 100 people in the street as police officers stood in a perimeter outside of the PPA building.

When one of the arrest attempts was made, others reportedly interfered — struggling with police to free the person being arrested. That person is still subject to arrest, police say, and now will face charges related to escape. Those that interfered will be facing charges as well.

Around 11 p.m., an officer issued another verbal warning to protesters from a police loudspeaker, saying that, “Officers have witnessed people in the area… throwing items on several occasions. One object was thrown and struck a construction worker. Anyone who throws items at community members or police are subject to arrest or citation.”

One protester yelled back, “you’re a liar.”

Shortly after midnight, Portland police declared the situation a riot and told protesters to leave immediately. On Twitter, officers warned they could use tear gas if protesters did not disperse. Portland Police say officers were hit with multiple objects through the night.

Ultimately, no tear gas was used overnight.

A video began circulating on social media early Tuesday morning, showing an officer swatting a phone out of a protester’s hand, sending the phone flying into a window of the PPA building. In response, PPB stated that multiple warnings had been given and that “officers are permitted to take actions to protect themselves or others and to keep themselves safe.”

Warning: Graphic language

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Although police demanded people leave the area once a riot was declared, many demonstrators chose to remain. It was then that police made more of what they called “selective arrests.”

Police left the area around 2:45 a.m. Once they left, however, some protesters returned and fired off pyrotechnics against the PPA building, along with stacking a mattress up against the wall. Police returned and cleared the scene once again.

By the end of the night, PPB says one officer sustained a minor injury to their hand from a brick thrown at them.

PPB said the next day that five people were ultimately arrested overnight and booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center. They are Alexander Sandine, 26, Molly Edwards, 24, Sheena McFerran, 34, Delfine DeFrank, 25, and Kason O’Connor, 28. All are facing charges of interfering with a police officer and 2nd-degree disorderly conduct. O’Connor is also charged with four counts of pointing a laser.