PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A man wanted for his role in an attack on officers at the Oregon State Capitol on December 21 was arrested Thursday by Salem police.

Richard Braatz was taken into custody while he was at a protest near the Marion County DA’s Office in downtown Salem, authorities said.

On that December day, a mob of right-wing anti-mask protesters got into the Capitol during a special legislative session and disrupted the proceedings for a while. The legislature was debating bills to deal with the ongoing pandemic.

The legislature eventually came back and passed all the bills that day.

The 65-year-old is being held in the Marion County Jail on charges of riot and attempted assault.

In a statement, Salem PD Chief Trevor Womack said the preparation for protests this week helped them make this arrest.

“Officers were committed to the goals set for protest response which include follow up investigation of criminal behavior and proper enforcement action when reasonable and appropriate,” he said.