PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The City of Portland settled a bodily injury lawsuit Wednesday with a woman who claimed excessive force was used against her during the 2020 protests.

The city is awarding Lydia Fuller $22,500 in the settlement. Fuller claims she was hit with a munition round fired by a Portland Police Bureau officer while trying to leave a protest.

During the public testimony section of the meeting, a man dressed as a clown offered a seemingly satirical critique of city leaders’ policy decisions and policing.

“As a clown, I certainly don’t feel under-represented in local government and law enforcement,” he said.

“Since I already know that Mr. Wheeler will take great action after listening to my statements, I, as a member of the Clowning Society of America, would like to nominate (Mayor) Edward Tevis Wheeler for ‘Clown of the Year,’ and immediately instate him as an honorary clown commissioner.”

A YouTube and social media comedian who dressed in scrubs and rapped about vaccines during a Dallas City Council meeting last week also appeared during the public testimony. Alex Stein, known on Instagram as primetimestein, again called for vaccine mandates, but this time, addressing Wheeler directly.

The mayor responded by ending Stein’s comedic rant early for being off-topic.

The settlement was passed unanimously by the city council during the hearing.