PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland’s Rose City Rollers desperately need a new venue. 

Come July, the team can no longer skate at the Hangar at Oaks Park because fire codes have changed. The new rule is dropping attendance from 500 to 200 and that equates to at least $120,000 in lost revenue. 

Marshall Runkle from Commissioner Chloe Eudaly’s office and Matt Grumm from Commissioner Dan Saltzman’s office have agreed to lend their assistance, but no new venue opportunities have been found since the team started their search in October.

Since the market is so hot right now, they’re having a tough time finding something that’s big enough and suited to work as a roller rink.

Executive director of the Rose City Rollers Kim Stegeman said they need help.

“We are an amazing part of Portland culture and I don’t want to see us go away because of not being able to find a venue,” Stegeman said. “And there has to be something out there, somebody has to be sitting on a property or getting ready to do something we would be a perfect fit with.”

The Rose City Rollers — a 501c3 nonprofit — are looking for a 25,000 square foot building to lease or buy with running water, a sprinkler system and enough parking for their fans. They would also consider constructing a permanent tent-like structure — similar to what they’ve seen used on Intel’s campus.

Stegeman said there are 36 games a year that attract hundreds of fans — which could provide a huge economic boost to the community where they relocate.

“We are going to eating there, shopping there,” Stegeman said. “I will tell you there are a lot of people that moved to Sellwood because they wanted to be part of our community.”

The Rose City Rollers hope to stay within Portland city limits. They’re also asking the city to extend the deadline until the end of the year.

If you have or know of a property that might be a good home for the Rose City Rollers, please contact Jon Rubey with Colliers International (Jon.Rubey@colliers.com) or Ms. Stegeman directly (rocketmean@rosecityrollers.com).