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Salem mom blames hospital for 7-week-old’s death


SALEM, Ore. (KOIN) — A Salem mother is blaming the hospital that treated her newborn daughter for her death after she said they didn’t notice critical signs that could have saved her life.

“I miss her all the time and what makes it worse is I think maybe if something had been slightly different she would still be here with us,” Ginger McCall said.

Ginger McCall blames Salem Hospital for her 7-week-old daughter's death. (KOIN) 

McCall has been replaying the moments of last Friday in her head for a week.

“We had so many plans for her,” she said.

Those plans were cut short after 7-week old Evianna Rose, Evi for short, woke up with a fever and made an unforgettable sound.

“It was the most distressing noise that I could have ever imagined,” McCall said. 

The first-time mother rushed to the emergency room at Salem Health and told doctors she had tested positive for Group B strep while pregnant. That infection can be passed to a baby during delivery and can cause infections.

Salem Hospital. (KOIN) 

After a few tests, McCall said doctors gave Evi saline and Tylenol, then sent them home, telling her it was likely just a virus. 

“They are telling me she is going to be alright, she will be alright,” McCall said. 

Hours later, with no signs of improvement, McCall rushed back to the ER, where Evi was transported to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

Doctors there told McCall for the first time that her daughter had sepsis and meningitis. On Saturday she was pronounced brain dead.

“I will never stop being sad about her,” McCall said. “I wanted to have a baby for so long and I only got to have her for 7 weeks and I will never get to know who she could’ve been, or hear her voice, or hear her laugh.”

Now McCall is blaming Salem Health for not doing more. 

“I’m just so upset and the thing that they told me is it was Group B strep that caused the meningitis and caused the sepsis that killed her,” McCall said. “I’m upset that this happened. I’m upset that they didn’t really seem to listen to us.”

Ginger McCall blames Salem Hospital for her 7-week-old daughter's death. (KOIN) 

KOIN 6 News reached out to Salem Health, who said due to privacy laws they can not comment on McCall’s case.

“This is a heartbreaking loss, and Salem Health offers its deepest condolences,” the hospital said. 

McCall plans to meet with the hospital next week and plans to reach out to the Oregon Health Authority to determine what steps she can take to prevent another family from experiencing the same loss.  

“I want them to say what they are going to do ensure that this doesn’t happen to someone else,” McCall said. “If I can affect change, that’s my responsibility and that is one way I can honor her and that is one way I can love her even though I can’t have her and see her grow up. That can be her legacy.”

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