PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — According to court documents, a man accused of assaulting a woman at a Salem park has been charged with doing this in the past.

Police said the suspect is in Marion County jail after they say he attacked a woman who was jogging.

David William Baynes Belluno from Salem is charged with attempted kidnapping, strangulation, and fourth-degree assault after grabbing a woman at Minto Brown Island Park while she was running on a path. Authorities said that woman fought back, got away, and called 911.

Police told KOIN 6 that while patrol officers were looking for the suspect, a man called 911 saying he was stranded in a “high water area” of the park when they responded, they realized the caller matched the description of the suspect and arrested him.

People walking in the park on Wednesday shared their apprehensions about the area.

“I wouldn’t walk here alone, there are too many spots in between where there aren’t people coming and going, and someone could jump out and get you,” said Jerri Hattensy, who was walking in the park. “You’re not always safe.”

According to court docs released Wednesday, the defendant sexually assaulted someone in 2018.

In 2018, police say David Belluno knocked a woman over and drug her into the bushes as she was walking at Minto brown park. Police say he threatened her with a knife and assaulted her. But the 29-year-old fought back and got away, calling 911.

Officers were there within four minutes of the call and found Belluno and arrested him. Police say he was found with both a knife and 2 rolls of duct tape, but court records show that case was dismissed based on a doctor diagnosing him with a “mild intellection disability.”

Under Oregon law, the state has three years to treat a defendant’s mental health issues to get them to a point where they can stand trial.

In 2019, a judge agreed that there was no substantial probability that Belluno would gain the capacity to stand trial “even with additional competency services,” so he was released.

According to the District Attorney’s Office, they did object to the dismissal of the case in 2018.

KOIN reached out to the court about the case but a judge told us “judges cannot comment outside of court on any pending legal matters.”