PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Friends and family gathered Saturday in Salem to remember Amarion “Nathan” Mahone.

The 15-year-old was killed after getting pinned by a car on May 31st, the day he was supposed to graduate from a job skills training program.

Mahone’s grandfather, Enrique Padilla described his grandson as a great athlete and always having a positive attitude.

“He was a wonderful spirit, the community here embraced him moving from California 2.5 years ago,” Padilla said. “At his High School, he sprouted at least a foot, foot and a half last year and he just celebrated a birthday in April so as you can imagine, he had a wonderful charisma about him … wonderful attitude about him, beautiful smile just the light of my daughter and our lives.”

An online obituary describes Mahone as having an “enormous smile, supreme gentleness, innate resilience and absolute fearlessness.”

Padilla said Mahone met with a group of friends at a park the morning of his death. One of the people in the group at some point ran him over, pinning him underneath the vehicle.

Salem Police are still investigating the incident.

The family meanwhile is still in shock and Mahone’s mother devastated.

“Padilla said Mahone loved hip-hop and used to write his own music. He was also a member of the West Salem High School football team. Mahone’s future was bright, which makes his untimely passing so difficult, Padilla said.

“I want to thank all the family members and relatives and neighbors, the community at large that have been there for him and believe me when I say, been there for him,” Padilla said. “As a former officer myself, I know what that means.”

Padilla said there is a GoFundMe page where folks can donate to help the family pay for funeral expenses.

Padilla said he will be following the investigation into Mahone’s death closely. He said his grandson liked cars, but is asking local teens not to hold street races in his honor because he doesn’t want more young people to get hurt.