PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) —  A group out of the Salem-Keizur area is on mission to save dogs that might be considered “unadoptable.”

The Portland Metro area fares better than others when it comes to the number of animals euthanized in shelters every year, but that number is still in the thousands.

Savin’ Juice is an organization that rescues dogs with medical or emotional issues who would be euthanized and helps find homes for them.

Jasper is one of the dogs recently rescued by Savin’ Juice. During the 3-legged-dog’s first off-leash trip to the dog park, he made the most of his time. Jasper even made friends, including 5-year-old Brogan and his dog, Roxy.

“They’ve been great and they were playing and having a good time,” Brogan said.

The name Savin’ Juice comes from the first dog the group rescued. He was going to be put down because he had glaucoma.

“She named him juice, because she saved him from the juice they use to put them to sleep,” said Bonnie Graham, Savin’ Juice founder.

Juice ended up having his eyes removed, and now he’s thriving with a local family and a new name — Brian.

Since saving Juice, the organization has rescued and adopted out hundreds of dogs.

Eve Good is fostering Tigger, a dog born with deformities in his front paws.

“He can’t quite walk correctly, he walks at more of an angle,” Good said. “Can’t walk on hard surfaces. Spends more time on his back feet as you’ll see when he’s running around here.”

Good said shelters usually don’t have the money for the kind of surgery Tigger would need. They’re trying to raise money for prosthetic, surgery or even a cart with wheels for Tigger.

Brogan says he can’t tell the difference between a dog like Jasper and any other.

“They’re just as lovable as the others,” Brogan said.