PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Diverters installed on Southeast Clinton’s greenway are causing some confusion for bicyclists and drivers.

The diverters were installed to make travel safer for cyclists and pedestrians at the intersections of SE Clinton Street and SE 17th and 32nd.

Diverters installed on Southeast Clinton's greenway are causing some confusion for bicyclists and drivers. (KOIN)

Officials with the Portland Bureau of Transportation previously said they were seeing an increase in traffic on the Southeast Clinton corridor. Diverters were looked at as an option to reduce the volume of cars on the road and to slow drivers down.

“It’s very important to this neighborhood,” Roberta Robles with BikeLoudPDX previously told KOIN 6 News. “They want the traffic to slow down and they want to feel safer out there.”

But some bicyclists and drivers who encountered the diverters for the first time over the weekend said they caused confusion.

Several cars, bikes and even skateboards headed the wrong way into oncoming traffic lanes because of the diverters.

When asked if the diverters were causing more harm than good, PBOT’s John Brady said there may be a learning curve.

“We will monitor that,” Brady said. “With any traffic change there is always a period of adjustment.”

According to Brady, an extra 200-1,000 cars are now packing the greenway. If drivers continue to ignore the posted signs, they may be issued warnings or citations.

“If we do find we need to do more education, more enforcement, then that would be a possible next step,” Brady said.

The test project is expected to take 6 months. Businesses and residents along the greenway can get educational signs from PBOT that tell motorists not to use it as a cut through.