‘Seattle loves Portland’ shows Timbers, Sounders rivalry

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PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — There’s no such thing as too much pettiness when it comes to rivalries. Just ask the Seattle Sounders. 

Earlier this month, the Sounders launched a project, telling the Rose City how much they love Portland — Portland, Maine, that is. A new billboard was put up on Southwest 2nd Avenue and Washington and a website was created to accompany it. 

Seattle didn’t hold back any punches. One look at their website will show you.

We’ve always seen Portland as a friend, not foe. It’s another port city on a real body of water, not a river.

There is a hip donut store, tons of breweries, some neat bridges, cool vegan restaurants and indie music stores.

Portland is amazing. We love it there. Portland, Maine. The only Portland that matters.

The first and very best Portland in the world! 

The Sounders also pointed out some fun facts about Portland, Maine, while taking shots at Oregon’s Portland. 

  • Portland, Maine: The very first Portland in the United States. Apparently, another Portland exists, too.
  • Portland, Maine: Nestled on a scenic harbor. The other Portland is on a polluted river.
  • Portland, Maine: Over 700 acres of parks. The other Portland settled for the world’s smallest park.
  • Portland, Maine: Famous red lobsters. The other Portland has huge swamp rats.
  • Portland, Maine: Farmer’s Market is in the fresh air. The other Portland’s farmer’s market is crammed under a bridge.
  • Portland Maine: A 56% chance of sunshine a year. The other Portland only has a 52% chance.
  • Portland, Maine: Portland Observatory is the last wooden signal tower in North America. The other Portland pays a guy to cut wood at soccer games.
  • Portland, Maine: Bissell Brothers Brewery features a maple porter. The other Portland no longer has its Porter.
  • Portland, Maine: A minor league baseball team, the Portland Sea Dogs. The other Portland has a soccer team that plays in a minor league baseball stadium. Roger Levesque is from Portland, Maine. Roger Levesque now resides in the heads of the people in the other Portland.
Timbers' rival the Seattle Sounders put up a billboard at 2nd and Washington saying "Seattle Loves Portland, Maine." (KOIN)

The Timbers and Sounders will take their rivalry to the pitch on Saturday.

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