PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Several Vancouver and Portland businesses were hit by robbers overnight Tuesday.

Four businesses on Grand and East Mill Plain Blvd. were hit. One of them, Du’s Teriyaki, caught the thief on security camera. The video shows 2 people wearing hoodies rummaging around the counter near the cash register.

“We rushed down here as fast as we could,” Patricia Blancas with Du’s Teriyaki said. “The windows were completely broken, the doors were broken as well.”

The restaurant’s window is still boarded up and they had to close due to the break in.

“We are a small business and it hurts,” Blancas said. “To be closed today and to watch all the customers leave without being able to help them, it’s devastating.”

Next door, cameras at Fiesta Mexicana also caught a thief. The cash register with change in it was stolen from the restaurant. They had to buy a new register and replace their door.

Signs on the doors of Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters and Rosy Cakes also say those businesses were robbed.

In Portland, Remote Control Hobbies said it’s had 2 incidents in which staff chased suspects down to recover stolen property. Those both happened in the past 3 months, and the owner said it happens several times a year.

The owner told KOIN that a few years ago at Christmas, she bought around $10,000 in drones and at 4 a.m. the door was smashed in and the entire stock was stolen.

The store has 16 security cameras.

“If you know anything, or you’ve seen anything,” Blancas said. “Please call Vancouver police.”