Southridge’s Cameron Brink has Blazers’ Seth Curry as a fan


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — If you haven’t heard of Southridge High School’s Cameron Brink, you will. 

She’s the second best basketball play in the class of 2020 and is committed to Stanford. She even has some pros in her corner. 

“A lot of skills for a tall player, very coordinated can do a lot of things, pass the ball, score the ball,” Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors said. 

That as accurate of a scouting report as you’ll find for the junior, and not just because it comes from an NBA player. Steph Curry knows Cameron much better than just watching her highlight reel. 

Cameron Brink, a junior at Southridge High School, is the second-best basketball player in the class of 2020. (KOIN) 

Cameron’s parents and the Currys — Steph, Seth and the legendary Dell — go way back.

“My mom and her mom were roommates in college and best friends ever since, so I’ve known her since she was a baby,” Curry said. 

Cameron is the number two player in the country for the class of 2020. Thanks in no small part to her own hard work and natural ability.

Cameron’s also gotten some shooting tips from from Dell Curry, who was consistently one of the top ten 3-point shooters in the association during his 16-year pro career.

“For a couple days we were in the gym working on my form, he basically rebuilt my shot, my release was higher, he just gave me tips on how to keep my arm high, following through, all that stuff so it helped my shot a lot,” Cameron said. 

With her Cardinal future locked up, Cameron’s keeping her eyes focused on this year and her hope of leading the Skyhawks to their third-straight state title. 

“This year we have no seniors on our team so for McKelle Meek and I, we’re team captains, it’s just bringing an energy and that aspect of leadership so we’re just coming into the year strong,” Cameron said. 

Her coach believes she already has that leadership.

“She brings another level, of she’s playing at even a higher level than most of the girls and I think she’s really working on that, on her leadership and growing in that area a lot,” Coach Michael Bergmann said. “Just being that positive example for the kids and just kind of always being that kid that can back up her teammates.”

And while she’s backing up her teammates, she has people backing her up too.

“It’s great to see her grow physically and in her game, I mean she’s going to have a great career at Stanford I’m sure,” Steph Curry said. “I’m just really excited for her, to see her become the number one, number two player in the country and continue to get better.”

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