PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Holiday travelers are still stranded at Portland International Airport as almost all Southwest Airlines flights in and out of Portland are canceled again on Tuesday.

FlyPDX.com shows that out of the 23 Southwest flights scheduled to leave Portland on Tuesday, 18 were canceled and two were delayed. Of the 23 flights scheduled to arrive, 16 were canceled and four were delayed. On Monday, 18 flights arriving at PDX were canceled out of 23, while 16 out of 23 departing flights were canceled.

Elizabeth Jones-Boswell and Sam Boswell were among the thousands of holiday travelers stranded across the nation, including here in Portland, after Southwest Airlines canceled more than 1,000 flights for a fifth day in a row.

The company said in a statement they’re working through “operational challenges” and saying in order “recover the operation,” the airline will fly only roughly one-third of their schedule for the next several days, saying “our heartfelt apologies for this are just the beginning.”

In a statement to KOIN 6 News, the union spokesperson for Southwest Airlines pilots said, “I can’t express my appreciation for the dedication and professionalism each of you has shown through this leadership vacuum and failure from the top on down at Southwest. Each communication from SWA’s ‘leadership’ is more tone deaf than the last. And each meltdown has become worse than the last.”

Meanwhile, Jones-Boswell and Boswell say if they can’t make it back home to Houston, they’ll just make the best of the situation in Portland.

“I’ll get to spend more time with my grandbaby and you always have to look at the bright side, she’s wonderful,” Jones-Boswell said.