PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — It’s Black Restaurant Week in the Pacific Northwest and after a year unlike any before, Portland’s Black-owned culinary businesses could use support more than ever. 

As of Feb. 12, Multnomah County moved to the high-risk category of the state’s COVID-19 restrictions. This means restaurants can now seat up to 25% of their maximum capacity of guests, or 50 people, whichever number is fewer. However, takeout is highly recommended. 

Whether you’d like to dine in or out, Portland is filled with Black-owned restaurants ready to serve hot, delicious meals, snacks, drinks, and treats. 

Here are more than 20 places to try: 

  1. Plant Based Papi – This vegan business wasn’t always a full-on restaurant operation. In fact, it wasn’t until December 2020 when this pop-up food business established a brick-and-mortar home. The comfort food restaurant is known for its truffle mac and cheese, crispy buffalo “chicken” quesadillas, and roasted jackfruit chili cheese fries. 

Plant Based Papi 
1412 SE Morrison St. 
Portland, OR 97214

  1. Yaad Style Jamaican Cuisine – This restaurant says it loads its food with “Jamaican flavors that thrill the taste buds, begging you to go back for more.” The restaurant’s website says the owner, Curtis, offers drinks and dishes that conjure great memories. 

Yaad Style Jamaican Cuisine 
3532 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Ste-A 
Portland, OR 97212 

  1. Queen of Sheba – This Ethopian Restaurant has been serving food to Portlanders since the ‘90s. According to its website, the restaurant imports most of its products and ingredients from Ethiopia. 

Queen of Sheba
2413 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97212

  1. Kees #LOADED Kitchen – If hot, steamy, fried chicken is your thing, Kees #LOADED Kitchen is the place to go. The award-winning food cart fills its Instagram account with mouth-watering photos of wings, brisket, and macaroni and cheese. 

Kees #LOADED Kitchen  
3625 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd 
Portland, OR 97212

  1. Blackstreet Bakery – Blackstreet Bakery is a local vegan pop-up bakery that provides economic opportunities to Black Portland residents. They’re currently offering contactless delivery and order pickups at their pop-up location at the Alberta Cooperative Grocery. 

Blackstreet Bakery’s current pop-up location: 

Alberta Cooperative Grocery
1500 NE Alberta St 
Portland, OR 97211 

  1. Welcome to Jamrock – Tucked alongside Leikam Brewing on East Burnside Street, Welcome to Jamrock is not to be missed. This food cart serves traditional Jamaican food including fried plantains, and smoky grilled chicken. 

Welcome to Jamrock 
5812 E Burnside St 
Portland, OR 97215 

  1. Donut Queen – Not far from Jamrock is the legendary Donut Queen – home of what many argue is Portland’s best apple fritter. The fritters are the length of a dinner plate and the owner also serves a variety of other doughnuts. 

Donut Queen 
5842 E Burnside St 
Portland, OR 97215 

Photo of an apple fritter from Donut Queen taken July 29, 2020. (KOIN)
Photo of an apple fritter from Donut Queen taken July 29, 2020. (KOIN)
  1. Deadstock Coffee Roasters – Deadstock Coffee describes itself as “snob-free coffee” on its website. It’s a sneaker-themed coffee shop in Northwest Portland and they aim for a barbershop, laid-back atmosphere in their café. 

Deadstock Coffee Roasters 
408 NW Couch St Suite 408 
Portland, OR 97209 

  1. Batter on Deck – While the theme is baseball, Batter on Deck specializes in another kind of batter – the one used for frying. They’re known for deep-fried sausages, links, and hotdogs. 

Batter on Deck
15710 NE Glisan St. 
Portland, OR 97230 

  1. Honeybee Sparkling Lemonades & Syrups – Company CEO Andrea Wade started this business as a food cart in Portland before her product hit shelves in 2019. According to the business’ website, Honeybee Lemonade Syrups are all-natural and free from preservatives and added sugars. The lemonades and syrups are sold at New Seasons Market and Market of Choice stores. 
  1. Mando’s – Mando’s serves classic American cuisine, including burger, chicken wings, and even the occasional Rice Crispy treat. The food cart operates out of Food Cart Heaven off of Northeast Glisan Street. 

15710 NE Glisan St 
Portland, OR 97230 

  1. Sugar Street Bakery & Bistro – For people who enjoy both savory and sweet things, Sugar Street Bakery & Bistro is the place for you. This bakery also has a menu for sandwiches and salads. Its sweets menu ranges from toffee, to cookies, to cupcakes. 

Sugar Street Bakery & Bistro 
1430 SE Water Ave 
Portland, OR 97214 

  1. Atlas Pizza – Atlas Pizza isn’t just pizza. It’s also stuffed knots, Cesar salad, and beer. They currently have all locations open for takeout. 

Atlas Pizza 
6529 SE Foster Rd 
Portland, OR 97206 

3570 SE Division St 

Portland, OR 97202 
710 N Killingsworth St 
Portland, OR 97217

  1. Amalfi’s Italian Restaurant – Amalfi’s Italian Restaurant is about the closest thing to a romantic dinner you can find during the pandemic. They have a large dining tent erected in their parking lot and frequently bring in live bands to perform while customers enjoy their meals. 

Amalfi’s Italian Restaurant 
4703 NE Fremont St 
Portland, OR 97213 

  1. Assembly Brewing – Assembly Brewing is offering takeout beer during the pandemic and also sells its beer at several locations including Green Zebra, John’s Marketplace, and Belmont Station. 

Assembly Brewing 
6112 SE Foster Rd 
Portland, OR 97206

  1. Joe Brown’s Carmel Corn – You don’t need to leave your house to support this Black-owned culinary business. Joe Brown’s Carmel Corn is accepting online orders.  

Joe Brown’s Carmel Corn
1053 Lloyd Center 
Portland, OR 97232 

  1. Kiss Coffee – Kiss Coffee opened in 2019 and has been serving the Concordia Neighborhood coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and scones ever since. 

Kiss Coffee 
3016 NE Ainsworth St. 
Portland, OR 97211 

  1. Miss’ipi Chef – Miss’ipi Chefs are chefs and personal caterers based in Portland. They specialize in home-style cooking and say on their website that they’ve restructured their business to accommodate smaller functions during the pandemic. 

Miss’ipi Chef 
337 NW Broadway Ave.
Portland OR 97209 

  1. P&S Premium Smokehouse – P&S Premium Smokehouse operates two food carts in Portland area, one in Northeast Portland and one in Beaverton. The business describes itself as “family reunion style bbq.” 

P & S Premium Smokehouse
4810 SW Western Ave 
Beaverton, OR 97005

Premium Smokehouse PDX @ Park the Carts
7339 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd 
Portland, OR 97211 

  1. Portland Chocolate Laboratory – Portland Chocolate Laboratory says it makes chocolate “that electrifies your senses and connects deeply with your soul.” They sell everything from Dream Chocolate to help you sleep to Moon Chocolate to eat throughout a menstrual cycle. 

Portland Chocolate Laboratory 
8012 SE 13th Ave #G 
Portland, OR 97202

21. Selena’s Custom Kitchen – Selena’s Custom Kitchen calls itself “Portland’s Authentic Soul Food Cart.” The menu includes a fried fish basket, a crawfish étouffée rice bowl, Southern style mustard greens, and cornbread.

Selena’s Custom Kitchen
13110 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, OR 97230