NEWBERG, Ore. (KOIN) — The main opponent of a controversial proposed hemp and marijuana processing facility near Newberg tells KOIN 6 she has filed her appeal.

The owners of the 22.7-acre property on Jaquith Road want to grow 5-10 acres of hemp on the property, grow up to 10,000 square feet of marijuana indoors, and process both in separate buildings.

Laura Cochran lives next door to the property and has opposed the planned use since it started, voicing numerous concerns. Her primary argument is that the facility would harm her “adult autistic son who is highly disabled and hypersensitive to noise and odor,” according to her appeal, which she sent KOIN a copy of Tuesday morning.

The Yamhill County Planning Director said his office received the appeal Monday evening and hopes to have a hearing on January 9 at the next Board of Commissioners meeting.

Neighbors who oppose a hemp and pot processing facility in Yamhill County said their pleas fell on deaf ears at a planning commissioners meeting, Dec. 5, 2019. (KOIN)

Cochran wrote that she and her son formerly lived at the site of the processing facility, until her father sold the property in 2009 and they had to move next door. She described the experience as being “traumatic” for her son, and said that they “hired an architect to recreate the exact same house next door,” according to the appeal.

Other neighbors have banded together over the past few months, resulting in what the Yamhill County Planning Director described as an unusual amount of push back. More than 1,000 pages of testimony and evidence were entered into the record. Neighbors cited livability, water usage, traffic, possible chemical usage, a potential increase in crime and more in their efforts to convince the commission to deny the application.

The Planning and Development Commission ultimately approved the facility’s site design review at its meeting on December 5.

The planned processing facility is a few miles north of Newberg (KOIN)