PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — As protesters continue an “occupation” of a street surrounding a North Portland home under eviction orders, KOIN 6 News is learning more about the legal proceedings the Black and Indigenous family has used to try to block the eviction.

Two years ago the Kinney family filed a federal lawsuit trying to block the eviction of their home on the 4400 block of North Mississippi Avenue.

The court documents show the family’s current housing trouble started at the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 when their loan was transferred to another company.

The judge wrote their son William X. Nietzche, who is not a lawyer, filed suit against entities that do not exist, such as the “United States Corporation Company” and that they “requested irrelevant, nonsensical, and sometimes offensive information” from the financial institutions.

One such question included “What is your nationality?”

The judge noted the son submitted a state foreclosure avoidance form with his mother, Julie Metcalf Kinney, declaring she is “sovereign” and “you have no jurisdiction on the land of Oregon” and “you have falsely accused me of being a citizen of the United States.”

The judge noted the lawsuit was filed with aliases in addition to their legal names. William Kinney was identified as “Mickey Pharoah” and Metcalf Kinney was “Jewel Empress of Compassion.”

The lawsuit says the loan transferred several more times, and the family argued they were confused to whom they would make payments.

The judge wrote documents to the Kinneys to “clearly explain the transition between loan servicers and the date payment was to be made to each servicer.”

Court records say the family missed 17 months of payments and were warned their house would be foreclosed.

After the forced sale two years ago, the judge said the family tried to transfer the property to their son, who then served a quit claim deed on various state officials, including the governor and the archdiocese of Portland — and sent a copy to an agency in Sweden.

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