PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Oregon Historical Society’s vault is home to many precious historical artifacts and perhaps the most important is the Native American collection.

“So this is a really special part of the warehouse,” director Kerry Tymchuk said.

There are nine federally recognized Native American tribes in Oregon and the Oregon Historical Society has a relationship with all of them.

The Oregon Historical Society has a large collection of Native American artifacts. (KOIN)

“Normally when something of Native American ancestry comes in we do recommend that they contact a local tribe first to see if that might be of interest to that tribe, to see if they can provide more context and information and to be respectful that this is their ancestral land and make sure they make that connection,” collections manager Nicole Yashuhara said.

Tymchuk said when they created their new permanent exhibit at the museum, the worked closely with tribes to tell their stories.

“Their history is such a very important part of Oregon’s history,” he said.

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