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Out there: Spinning, flashing UFO spotted in Gaston

UFO investigator determined the lights were a UFO

GASTON, Ore. (KOIN) -- It was a quiet January night in Gaston when David Stone's wife saw something she couldn't explain.

"I was in bed, my wife came home and she was putting some groceries away. She comes running in, 'come out husband, you gotta see this,'" Stone said. 

There was a bright, spinning light in the dark sky.

"Out here it's quiet anyway and the stars come alive," Stone said. "It was a spinning, colorful light and it was too, it wasn't too far away but yet it wasn't right here .... it was like, what could it be?"

Shaky cell phone video shows the dancing lights.

"It would spin and it would get bigger and bigger and bigger and then it would poof just go away for like I don't know a quarter mile, half mile, just gone and then come right back," he said. 

Stone's wife shared what they saw on social media and started getting feedback. That's when Tom Bowden at the Mutual UFO Network, started his investigation. 

Bowden looked into air traffic patterns and astronomy, eventually concluding the flashing orb was an unidentified flying object. 

"Nobody could say one way or the other what it was," Stone said. 

Stone said despite that, he's still a skeptic.

"I am, you know, it was just bizarre," he said. 

Stone added, "God created the heaven and the earth so I guess there's more to it than that." 

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