PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — In the 5-part series “The Unsheltered Truth,” Jeff Gianola goes back on the streets to talk with, listen to and learn from the people who are currently living on the streets of Portland.

The 5-part series, “The Unsheltered Truth,” begins Monday, April 30 on KOIN 6 News at 5pm

> Old Town’s Eric Bowler talks concerns over homeless

Old Town business owner Eric Bowler tells Jeff about the public health and safety concerns homeless people bring to the neighborhood.

> Homeless advocate Israel Bayer on homeless boom

Homeless advocate Israel Bayer is writing a book about the issues of homelessness and the explosion of the population in the last 20 years.

> Greg Baker from Blanchet House on homeless solutions

Greg Baker with Blanchet House, a non-profit that has been serving Portland’s homeless for 70 years, has only been in Portland for 5 years but he has a unique perspective on the issues here.

> Union Gospel Mission’s Bill Russell on ‘sweep and repeat’

Bill Russell with Portland’s Union Gospel Mission talks about the pattern of “sweep and repeat” where officials move homeless people out of their camps and what might be a better solution.

> TEC Equipment building shower, laundry trucks for homeless

TEC president David Thompson gives Jeff a tour of the shower and laundry trucks his company is building and donating to developer Homer Williams’ Harbor of Hope shelter.