What are metaphysical stores and why are there so many in the Portland area?

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Portland has more than a dozen metaphysical stores. KOIN 6 News visited three in the Portland metro area to find out more. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s easy to get into the spirit, especially with more than a dozen metaphysical stores in the Portland area.

The stores can sell crystals, clothing, incense, herbs and other mystical items. KOIN 6 visited three stores in the area: Psychic Sister and Clary Sage Herbarium in Northeast Portland and If The Broom Fits in Beaverton.

If The Broom Fits: 4145 S.W. 109th Ave., Beaverton

Located off of Highway 217, If The Broom Fits is tucked away near suburbs but inside you’ll find a mystical world filled with fun and eerie finds. You’ll be greeted by the store owner, Debbie Bailey, who is ready to guide you to find your next alter or small knickknacks to set around the house.

The shop also offers different readings and services.

A crystal light featured at If The Broom Fits in Beaverton. The shop features various eerie finds for people’s spooky needs. (KOIN).

With so many metaphysical shops to compete with, Bailey said hers is different by offering items put together by local artists.

She added that younger people are also interested in what metaphysical stores have to offer, which is exciting for the industry.

Psychic Sister: entrance on 19th Ave, 1829 N.E. Alberta St. Ste c, Portland

A ballroom turned metaphysical vintage shop?

That’s what you’ll find at the Psychic Sister with clothing, tarot decks, crystals and other magical tools to pick from. The owner, Dreamy Sea, is a professional psychic and has done reading for the last 10 years.

Sea currently provides astrology and tarot readings once a week at the business.

“A part of my psychic ability was always that I connected with old clothes, and they would tell me their stories,” said Sea. “When I was a kid, they would beg me to repair them or wear them. They just wanted to live again.”

When asked why there are multiple stores in the, Sea said that interest in the spiritual world isn’t something new to Portland.

“An uptick that we are seeing over the last decade, really, of people really feeling empowered around spiritualism and consciousness studies,” she added.

An Ouija board sits at a table at the Physic Sister in Northeast Portland. The board is used for the dead to talk to the living. (KOIN)

Clary Sage Herbarium: 2901 N.E. Alberta St., Portland

At this metaphysical shop, you’ll find a down-to-earth and calming atmosphere with a full wall of medicinal herbs to choose from.

“Herbs are number one, (but) burning bundles are fighting for number one,” said owner Kara Maymi.

Burning bundles are herbal and slowly burn to cleanse a room. They are often used in ceremonies throughout the world.

A cauldron with a pentagram imprinted in the middle for sale at the Clary Sage Herbarium in Northeast Portland. The symbol is used by Wiccans as a sign of faith.

The store hopes to have tarot card readings — a practice to gain insight into the past, present or future – to customers sometime in the future.

All three stores report an uptick in people showing interest in items as Halloween approaches. If you want more spooky fun, check out KOIN 6 News’ 6 Questions podcast as Emily Burris chats with a witch and the owner of Queen Meb – a witch shop.

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