PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The possibility for a Portland Public Schools teachers’ strike is looming as the district is set to meet with the union for one more mediation Tuesday.

If no agreement is reached, the union says it plans to vote to authorize a strike and the results of the vote would be announced Friday.

The Portland Association of Teachers said pay, planning time, and class sizes are the key issues.

If Portland teachers vote to strike, the union is required to give the district 10 days’ notice. Both sides have warned families to be prepared for a possible strike in November.

The school district intends to put out a contingency plan on Wednesday.

The district also met with several non-profit groups to see if they could help out if there’s a strike, with the goal of providing places for kids to go for meals since the school buildings would be closed. But non-profits tell KOIN 6 they would need tens of thousands of dollars to be able to step in on such a large scale.

“It would come with some barriers, like the ability to get kids here, how to feed them, how to provide support and services we traditionally provide. It’s one of the most expensive things that we do,” said Trent Aldridge, the chief program officer at Self-Enhancement.