PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A group from Guide Dogs for the Blind toured a pop-up tactile art gallery at the Portland Art Museum Friday.

The exhibit, called “Getting a Feel for Art,” displayed work from local blind, visually impaired and sighted artists.

Woodworker John Furniss, who lives in Woodland, said it was a joy to share his work with his peers.

“Usually a trip to the museum for a blind person is a long slow quiet walk through a large building. But this is really wonderful,” he said. “Especially to be part of a tactile art exhibit so I can share it with my peers.”

The group interacted with the artists during the tour.

“It’s just a really great moment to be able to have this kind of access and to be thinking about really listening to individuals in our community who are blind or partially sighted,” Mike Murawski, PAM’s Director of Learning and Community Partnerships said.

Guide Dogs for the Blind is hosting an alumni reunion this weekend, which “offers a sensory experience of Portland.”