PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – From high-tech coolers and flying cars to a robot labor force, Tech expert Greg Nibler is sharing the latest innovations in what could become everyday tech.

Known for producing battery packs, Anker is now making an ice-less cooler that uses a battery to keep items cold for about 35 hours — cooling down to – 4 degrees Fahrenheit, Nibler said. The tech expert added the cooler will also use solar panels and can hold 50 liters.

In other tech news, Alauda Aeronautics is developing a flying racecar ahead of a 2024 flying racecar league, Nibler said — pointing out the Airspeeder MK-4 can travel about 230 mph.

Nibler also highlighted Figure’s humanoid robot for the workplace: Figure 01. Nibler said the robot will look like a human, standing over five feet tall with dexterous hands and a screen for its face.

Watch the video above to learn more.