PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Although there is uncertainty right now because of inflation and the economy, tech experts believe there may not be the rush to online shopping there was during the height of the pandemic.

But on this Cyber Monday, those same experts believe the online surge in sales will be equal to 2021, perhaps a little more.

Greg Nibler, a regular guest on tech topics on KOIN 6 AM Extra, suggests doing research between online sites before diving in for that new purchase. But he also said consumers must understand stock is limited and lot of people may be looking for the same things.

People are looking to buy TVs, laptops and desktops, along with upgrading their kitchen appliances.

“Go to each one of these sites and take a look at what the pricing is right now. Get an idea of the landscape,” Nibler said. “If you’re looking for some of the brand new stuff there may be less of those available, but that’s why if you’re maybe willing to sacrifice getting the brand new one and get last year’s or maybe two years ago I think you’re going to have a much better shot of getting those.”

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