PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – The battle for advanced artificial intelligence is heating up as tech giants Google and Microsoft unveil their latest AI chatbot and search engine capabilities.

On Monday, Google unveiled Bard, a new chatbot. According to tech expert Greg Nibler, users can type in questions such as, “How do I explain the latest developments from the James Webb telescope to a nine-year-old?” and the chatbot will give a brief synopsis.

Users will also be able to have a conversation with Bard, which Nibler said will act as a personal assistant — and could even book and pay for plane tickets. Google will release the AI software after testing, according to Nibler.

On Tuesday, Microsoft held a presentation to share the latest on their AI software, ChatGPT, which Nibler says will be incorporated into Bing.

In other tech innovations, Nibler highlighted the Sentiv robot which will be used to autonomously patrol farm fields to spot pests and monitor crops.

In video game headlines, Nibler said Harry Potter fans can rejoice with Friday’s release of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy, which is already the best-selling game of the year. Nibler said the game is also available for pre-order.