VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) — At the new AC Marriott Hotel in Vancouver there are stunning views of the Columbia River. There may also be a surprise cruising the hallways that may look like a moving trash can.

It’s actually an autonomous robot named Tug.

Tug can’t make conversation with you but he does let you know he’s on the move.

He’s one of a growing fleet of robots around the country used for deliveries at hotels and hospitals. At the Marriott in Vancouver, hotel staff learned how to program Tug to find a certain room after first heading for the elevator.

Tug’s onboard computer has a programmed map of the building and sensors that track its location. But just like guests he can sometimes get a bit disoriented leaving the elevator.

When he arrives at your door, he lets you know by phone and by sound.

There are no plans to make it robots only. Tug has many skills, but not the social skills to handle a room change or ask noisy guests to quiet down.

But what is a novelty now is likely to be a common sight soon.