PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A mother is terrified after she says a student threatened his classmates at a Portland elementary school.

The mother didn’t want to identify herself out of concern for her daughter’s safety.

She said an 8-year-old boy brought a knife to school and threatened to hurt and kill other students. No one was injured.

The mother said officials from Rigler Elementary School alerted her after they found the knife. She said the school told her, “Not to say anything to any other students or moms. Not to say anything to anybody else.”

The mother told KOIN 6 News the boy threatened her daughter’s friend and the girl ran to the principal.

“The kid that brought the knife — he was talking to the other kid and said ‘let’s do it. I brought the knife. I’m ready,'” she told KOIN.

She said the school isn’t doing enough to keep her daughter and other students safe. She said she won’t be taking her daughter back to school until she is sure it will be safe.

Portland Public Schools Communication Manager Rosie Fiallo said the incident is under investigation and PPS is working with Portland Police.