PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — One of Spring’s biggest pest problems is already causing issues across the Portland area — ants.

Sugar ant infestations usually peak in March, but Mitchell and Christina Dunham with Antworks Pest Control say because of the wetter than normal winter, the ant problem has become larger.

“The little odorous house ants are the most common,” says Christina. “Carpenter ants started earlier this year, we’ve had a lot of combo calls with multiple species on their property.”

Plants, cracks in the pavement and voids around windows are all spots that attract ants. But Mitchell says spraying isn’t always the answer.

“When you spray you may eliminate a few of the queens and roughly there are about 5 queens and 5,000 scouts, to put down a spray you are unlikely to see them,” Mitchell tells KOIN 6 news.

He says there are natural ways to keep the pests away, like keeping water away from your house.

“As additional rain comes down, this puddle will get larger, come up to the foundation to the structure and it will draw the ants to the structure. They will find a heat source and come up to the house, colonize, all because of this puddle.”

For more tips on how to keep ants and other pests away, click on the Antworks website.