Warning: The content in the video above is graphic and can be disturbing to watch.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A Portland woman and her young daughter have been left traumatized after a man broke into their home and destroyed it for hours before he was finally arrested. Now, they’re without a home as they start to pick up the pieces.

From broken glass across the floor to blood on almost every surface, Kimberly Superneau’s condo looks like a scene out of a horror movie.

“Here’s the refrigerator, the blood that’s on there. Garbage everywhere, the stove. He ripped out all of the appliances,” Superneau said as she walked us through the damage. “The countertops are ripped off, the microwave is out. He left the water running which flooded the condo down below.”

They are reminders of all that remains for her home after a man broke in from her rooftop patio Monday night, destroying it in the process. When she heard neighbors yelling and pointing to her roof, she went up to see what was wrong, encountering the man crouched on the ground.

“For whatever reason I decided to try to go upstairs to talk to the guy, asking if he needed help, what can I do,” recalled Superneau. “He started to say that he was going to hurt me so I took off running after he said that multiple times. I realized he’s probably not joking and I didn’t know what he was reaching for in his bag.”

She grabbed her 13-year-old daughter and their two pets and fled the home on NW Naito near the Broadway Bridge.

“Once I realized he was going to hurt me, or that was the threat, my daughter had run upstairs as I was running back from the patio, so she was upstairs when I got inside,” said Superneau. “I told her, get out, run, just go.”

For the next several hours, they watched helplessly outside as the man ransacked their home, throwing furniture out of the window, tearing every inch of the place up inside and leaving his own blood on almost every surface. PPB says he threatened both police and himself, prompting nearby apartments to also be evacuated. The Special Emergency Response Team also came to the scene.

“He was in here for over three hours, throwing everything out the window, ripping everything apart,” said Superneau. “There’s blood everywhere. I don’t know how one person can do this much damage and bleed so much and still be alive.”

Police later arrested the man, identified as 36-year-old Joseph Webb of Kelso, Washington. On Wednesday, he spoke out in court — against his attorney’s advice — with his take on that night.

“I’ve only been in this town for like two days. I thought I was going to die,” Webb told a courtroom. “I jumped over a balcony, three stories up. I was on meth. This lady asked me for help and I said, call the cops, please.”

Superneau tells us she had never seen Webb before but found out that he and a woman were short-term renting the condo next door, apparently destroying that property too. Webb is expected back in court May 5.

“The guy’s in jail, the girl’s in jail. They destroyed the condo next door, as well,” said Superneau. “And as I mentioned they were using false identities, both of them and they have significant criminal pasts.”

As she now searches for a new home, she remains grateful, despite the trauma of that night.

“I’m just trying to be strong for my daughter. And we got out,” said Superneau. “That’s all that matters at the end of the day.”

Friends have set up a GoFundMe for Superneau and her daughter as they work to find a new home and replace much of their belongings.