PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — As the nation’s eyes turn to the Jan. 6 congressional hearings slated for Thursday evening, multiple defendants from Oregon and Southwest Washington are facing federal judges as their cases continue.

Here’s a look at where their cases stand ahead of the hearings:

Jeremy and Jeffrey Grace

Jeremy Grace of Battle Ground, Washington, pleaded guilty in April and is slated to be sentenced in July. His father, Jeffrey Grace, has a plea agreement hearing scheduled for Friday, June 17. Both father and son had previously pleaded not guilty.

Jeffrey Grace was arrested on Feb. 4, 2021, after federal investigators said they received a tip from an acquaintance of Jeffrey Grace and his son Jeremy flew to Washington D.C. and were in the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6. When an FBI agent contacted Jeffrey Grace, he allegedly told the investigator he and his son attended the rally, but they were separated after it and that he then started walking toward the Capitol with a group of people, eventually entering the building from the north side through an open door.

Jeremy Grace was arrested on May 26, 2021. Federal investigators said that during an interview with a federal agent, Jeremy Grace allegedly said he and his father were separated and that while he walked toward the Capitol, he did not go inside. However, a video showing both Jeremy and Jeffrey Grace inside of the Capitol together emerged during the federal investigation, and the video appeared to have been taken by Jeremy, according to authorities.

Federal prosecutors sought to restrict Jeffrey Grace’s access to weapons last summer after he was seen in downtown Portland with weapons during a skirmish with left-leaning political groups.

Matthew and JonathanPeter Klein

Oregon brothers Matthew and JonathanPeter Klein are in plea bargain discussions, according to court paperwork. JonathanPeter Klein is also facing a civil lawsuit from the District of Columbia as a member of the rightwing extremist group the Proud Boys along with other defendants from that organization and the Oath Keepers for their alleged roles in the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.

Both were arrested on March 23, 2021, Matthew Klein was arrested in Sherwood and JonathanPeter was arrested near Heppner. Matthew Klein allegedly used a flag to interfere with law enforcement’s efforts to get the rioters out of the Capitol building, while both Matthew and JonathanPeter allegedly forced a secured Capitol door open. They both pleaded not guilty to a number of federal charges, including conspiracy, obstruction, destruction of government property and disorderly conduct.

Marc Anthony Bru

Another Southwest Washington defendant was also named in the DC civil as a known Proud Boy member. Marc Anthony Bru of Vancouver is slated to have a status conference for July 6 after he was charged in December 2021 on multiple counts in connection with the Capitol attack. He previously pleaded not guilty.

Federal authorities received a tip that Bru had traveled to D.C. and had potentially participated in the riot, according to a statement of facts drafted by an FBI agent. Investigators then allegedly recognized Bru in photos and videos from the riot, including a video that allegedly showed him grabbing a police barricade and photos of him inside the Capitol building. Bru’s cell phone records also showed he was using a cell site in the area, including the U.S. Capitol, according to court documents.

Reed Knox Christensen

Reed Knox Christensen, a Washington County, Oregon resident who was a former local Republican Party official, is slated to have a status conference on June 30 after a court appearance in April, when his defense asked for a continuance. He has pleaded not guilty.

Christensen hit and pushed law enforcement officers behind a line of bike racks, which had been formed as a crowd control barrier from the north end of the Lower West Terrace to the south end, according to federal authorities.

Jeffrey Hubbard

Lincoln City, Oregon resident Jeffrey Hubbard was arrested in December 2021 on multiple federal charges in connection with the U.S. Capitol attack. He pleaded not guilty to the charges in mid-February. A status conference slated for April was rescheduled to June 28.

Federal investigators said Hubbard was identified from a video taken inside of the Capitol, which caught him chanting “Stop the steal” and “We want Trump.” Investigators also said a Lincoln City police detective tried to contact Hubbard the day after the riot, and that the detective reported speaking to an elderly woman at his home who said her son was at the Trump rally in D.C.

Lisa Balick contributed to this story.